Night Beds

Singular, solitary, alone.

Winston Yellen is a rare talent. Working in Nashville, the songwriter could hardly avoid the influence of what Americans term the Music City. Crafting languid, codeine fuelled epics with a country tinge, Yellen decided to use the name Night Beds as a description for his music.

It's easy to see why. Somnambulist hymns from a Southern soul, Night Beds soon attracted the attention of Dead Oceans. A label with nigh on impeccable taste, the songwriter joined the roster just as 2012 was breathing its last gasp.

Now the Nashville talent is ready to make his next move. Debut album 'Country Sleep' drops on February 4th, and the material feels like shuffling through syrup under the intense heat of the Tennessee summer.

Take lead track 'Ramona'. The beautiful harmonies, the subtle grace with which Winston Yellen shifts gears and allows his voice free rein are all something to adore. ClashMusic caught the track on Shaun Keaveny's 6Music show yesterday and knew it was something we had to cover.

Here's 'Ramona'.

- - -

'Country Sleep' will be released on February 4th.


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