Don't mention the B-word.

Splintered, decaying electronics. A sprung garage beat which has a hallow air. Samples of rain fall, at one with an urban air. Qualities like these point to one producer in particular.

Yet realistically, this package is as varied and wide ranging as any in music. Take Ghosts: an Irish duo, they share similar characteristics but have their own spin, their own identity.

Padraig Ryan and Kevin Glesson are already well known in Ireland's close knit electronic scene, with their productions have a melancholic air.

There's a sense of loss here, one that is tempered by a redemptive sensibility borrowed from the more spiritual side of house music.

Fusing UK Garage beats with flourishes of left field electronics, new EP 'WLVS' is a diverse introduction. The title track itself is a tumbling torrent of influences - from the opening analogue crackles to the 2-Step bounce, from the buoyant house textures to those sighing vocals.

It's both promising and utterly effortless.

Listen to it now...

- - -

'WLVS' is set to be released via Champion Sound on February 25th.


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