Close, The Curtains, Oh!
The Heartbreaks

Faded coastal towns seem to embody a uniquely English sense of romance.

Boarded up shop fronts, rain lashing the harbour wall and lights blinking out along the promenade. It's a scene familiar to The Heartbreaks, who seem to have led this sense of faded grandeur get under their skin during their formative years in Morecambe.

Matching a near Spector-esque grasp of teenage melodrama to immense ambition, The Heartbreaks have already built up a passionate following. Recently heading back into the studio, the band will give new EP 'Hand On Heart' a digital release on Sunday (January 13th).

Matthew Whitehouse introduces the new EP: “We’ve always had a kind of intrinsic sense of drama, but with the addition of strings we were able to truly articulate a feeling of being widescreen, cinematic. Rather than merely ‘sounding big’, we wanted to make music that, like those great Scott Walker, REM and Bunnymen records, was melodic, bold, elegiac... Something conceptual that would, even if just for an EP, take our music beyond its usual guitar and bass sound”.

As a special preview, ClashMusic are able to stream lead track 'Close The Curtains, Oh!' Perhaps the band's most accomplished song to date, the sweeping atmospherics are matched by an emotional directness which belies the often quite subtle nature of the word play in The Heartbreaks' lyrics.

Listen to 'Close The Curtains, Oh!' below.

'Hand On Heart' is set to be released digitally on January 13th before a ten inch vinyl edition follows on February 4th.


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