'London Heart' (featuring Stephanie Fraser)

Almost unfeasibly young, Tenterhook - real name Archie Faulks - is still only 19 years old.

Yet his music has a world-weariness, a sighing nature which could only come from the weight of experience. Each song is astutely placed, each note carefully mulled over to gain the precise level of impact required.

It's thoughtful, in other words. Already gaining plaudits, Radio 1's Zane Lowe named Tenterhook as Next Hype on his show last night (August 5th).

Quick on the draw, Clash is able to premiere new track 'London Heart'. A tale of life and love in the big city, it pits feelings and failings of the heart against the pressures of metropolitan life.

Stephanie Fraser is on hand to supply guest vocals, with the sweeping, swirling arrangement allowing Archie Faulks to show off his trembling, tremulous voice.

Check it out now.

Tenterhook is set to release his debut EP on August 25th. Catch the songwriter at London venue St. Pancras Old Church on September 11th.

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