Lived In Skin
Young British Artists

Being young. Being stupid. Making mistakes. Having regrets. Watching it all flood away in a stream of highs, lows and inexperience.

It's a feeling we can all relate to, no matter how we spent (or are spending) our youth. Based in Manchester, Young British Artists have decided to hone in on this, to really pick apart this period of transition.

Based in a basement on the corner of Hilton Street and Newton Street in Manchester city centre, the band are happy to let the world pass by as they construct their music.

Matching spiky, post-punk rhythms to blissful shoegaze guitars, the band have already gained a cult following in their hometown.

Breaking out, debut album 'A Change By Any Other Name' arrives on July 21st via YBAs Records - with Clash able to offer a taste of what to expect.

'Lived In Skin' is already a stand out in the band's live set, all helter skelter drumming and powerful vocals. A video has been crafted for the track, a surreal clip featuring an older man driving a white convertible with the top down.

Joined by all manner of guests in the back seat - including a bridal party - it's bizarre, yet hugely entertaining.

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