Soon though they’ll be sweeping the rest of the UK up in a tidal wave...
Victories At Sea

Birmingham’s Victories At Sea are making waves (pun fully intended) in Manchester, so much so that most people actually think they’re from there. Judging by what this three-piece can do though it won’t be long until the rest of the UK takes note and a tidal wave of praise follows (we’ve taken this metaphor too far).

‘Stay Positive’ comes from VAS debut EP which comes out on Static Caravan Records this spring. It’s a great track, fusing angular post-punk sensibilities with vintage electronics and drum machine antics. They’ve already supported Editors, Patterns, and Savages, but on April 6th they’ll be playing our Clash Magazine Issue Launch in Manchester at Soup Kitchen. Tickets are just £7, and for that you get to see London’s hotly-tipped Teleman headline, then Manchester’s brilliant new band The Covelles too, plus get your hands on a free copy of the new issue before it hits the shelves. Before the gig though read what Victories At Sea have to say for themselves…

 What's this B-Town thing all about?
A Led Zeppelin enthused movement of the youth. [Me and Plant attended the same Stourbridge institution of Education, though obviously not at the same time, this is a fact].

How did you get together and what brought you together?
Following our city's previous brush with national limelight we felt compelled to form a new resistance to prevent any further atrocity to sound

Have you got any tricks up your sleeve for the gig?
If we can get permission we'd like to deploy the foam cannon.

What influences you to make music?
Monotony, happiness and tragedy at the same time.

Where does Stay Positive come from?
Our yearly song production is a mere 3.2 songs,  so in consideration of that we actually wrote Stay Positive pretty quickly. As usual it came from 'the black hole', a period lasting anything between 2 and 48 minutes at the very start of every rehearsal in our bunker where we freestyle, or as the professionals call it: jammin.

The Track:

Words by Simon Butcher



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