Slowly Through The Night
David Ward

It's all about the voice.

Sure, songwriting counts - why wouldn't it? The arrangement is key, while percussion can make the difference between life changing and simply OK.

But at the core, at the centre, it's the voice which keeps everything together. Hailing from Vancoucer, David Ward is blessed with a high, trailing singing voice, the sort of thing which could recite the phonebook and have an audience in tears.

Thankfully, his material is a little more in depth than that. Crafting an EP trilogy, David Ward measures his music in 'Departures', 'Borders' and 'Arrivals' - three poetic documents, three methods of exploring the world.

Recently arriving on British soil, David Ward has confirmed plans for a short burst of shows. To coincide with this, Clash is delighted to be able to showcase new cut 'Slowly Through The Night'.

Sure, there are comparisons to be made to Jeff Buckley and Thom Yorke here, but - falsetto aside - there's not much to tie David Ward in with those artists.

Exploratory, ever-evolving songcraft, his is a beautiful, very solitary universe.

Listen to it now.

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