'Oh My Father' (Field Music Remix)
The Ralfe Band

Ah, the long, strange tale of Ralfe Band...

Essentially an alter ego for Oly Ralfe, the group first began making music mid-way through the turbulent decade known as the Noughties. Since then, two studio albums and a 22-track film score have followed, with Ralfe Band even earning a guest slot on 'The Mighty Boosh'.

Much like the mythical ship The Flying Dutchman, Ralfe Band only seem to veer into view every few years or so. Earlier this summer, fans were alerted to fresh material when the group released new album 'Son Be Wise' through High Line Records.

A curious, bewitching document, it found Oly Ralfe indulging in yet more whimsically English, deeply pastoral songwriting. The sound of a young songwriter careering through genres, colliding with styles, 'Son Be Wise' was another typically idiosyncratic document from the ever-inspirational artist.

Field Music are well known supporters, and recently agreed to craft a rare remix for Ralfe Band. Seizing hold of 'Oh My Father' the Brewis Brothers slide in that itchy sense of funk which Field Music fans know so well.

It's an under-stated remix, one which seems to make 'Oh My Father' more direct yet retains its allusive, illusionary nature.

Listen to it now.

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