Body Language (Caleb L'Etoile Remix)

Pop music often gets a bad rep.

Frothy, throwaway and skin deep, say the naysayers - as if those attributes were meant to be bad things. No, there's still plenty of mileage in the three minute pop song yet, an endlessly fascinating template which tumbles into our lives in packages of infinitely sweet nuggets.

Mysterious duo Mausi seem to echo these feelings. Raised in Milan but now based in London, the boy/girl, sister/brother pairing have the earworm knack which propelled Alphabeat to the top of the charts.

Yet there's a production sense, a colourful sheen to their music which stands apart. Unleashing their latest mixtape over the summer, the band's E-number buoyancy shone through in every note.

Washington DC producer Caleb L'Etoile has stepped in on remix duties, adding a frenzied house touch to 'Body Language'. An ode to those electrifying moments which define a relationship, Mausi have a sensual side which ripples through their music.

Listen to it now.

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