Tom Williams & The Boat

The British have a peculiar relationship with the weather.

If it's too hot, then the press scream headlines about 'RECORD HEATWAVES' and post warnings about potential hosepipe bans (as if escaping a bit of gardening was something to mourn).

Conversely, when the winter chill draws in the opposite takes place - suddenly, the press become aware of the dire dangers offered by black ice, frozen pipes and unrelenting snowfall.

The weather, it seems, is a national obsession, yet it rarely intrudes upon the pop world.

Tom Williams & The Boat though, have dared to be different. New track 'Hurricane' uses extreme weather as a starting off point, with Williams applying a typically poetic touch to proceedings.

Singing atop a blues-driven riff, Tom Williams & The Boat charge through 'Hurricane' like musicians possessed, swirling and hurling themselves directions as fresh and unruly as the storm of its title.

Check out 'Hurricane' below.

'Hurricane' will be given a single release on March 25th - Tom Williams & The Boat release new album 'Easy Fantastic' on May 19th.

Photo Credit: Mike Massaro

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