Sometimes it can feel as though the element of chance has been removed from modern music.

Everything seems to be in its right place, sitting complacently and acknowledging its place in the grander, more proper scheme of things.

Not so, wermonster. A French émigré living in Berlin, the producer’s hip hop influenced album ‘Ghosts Move Slowly’ is full of chance abandon, full of an attitude that just seems to scream ‘try it and see’.

Initially given a limited edition pressing, ‘Ghosts Move Slowly’ is set to gain a secondary release courtesy of Exotic Pylon. Matthieu Séry (also a Berlin-based French émigré) is responsible for the visual realisation of this second digipak run – a very special edition is on 6-panel silkpaper layered with an acrylic medium and the paint was applied by blowing through a special tool for fixiative.

Here’s a quote from wermonster: “At some point I got bored of sampling nearly only records, like I use to do a lot on my previous work, so I recorded lots of sounds using instruments and objects available in my studio which I sampled and replayed like I was doing using records. I think it gives an even more organic feel to these tracks. It ́s mostly an instrumental album, and apart from the track with Infinite Livez, voices are used like any other instrument...”

Well, not exactly like any other instrument... try ‘Atomkraft’ – slumped, knackered hip hop beats and tombstone grey textures, it shakes and shudders like Frankenstein’s monster come to life. An odd experiment, which far outlasts the ‘eureka!’ moment...

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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