Strange Cases

Dirty, nasty thrills - that's Strange Cages.

Brighton based, the three piece have a neat line in gritty garage rock thrills, filtered through a wiry post-punk consciousness. It's the sound of '65, but created in an environment very much drawn from '14.

Feral, psychotic guitar music, the band's live shows - all sweat, grit, blood and spilled pints - have found them blazing a trail at smutty venues across the south coast and beyond.

New cut 'Desert' finds Strange Cages managing to rein in their more chaotic instincts for a supreme studio cut. Produced by Theo Verney, it clocks in at just under three minutes with the three piece evidently deciding that their work here is done.

A times sparse, the gritty vocals are matched by razor blade guitars which flit between The Sonics and The Birthday Party, Link Wray and The Cramps.

Check out 'Desert' below.

Photo Credit: Mitch Hall

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