Seeking Oblivion (Truth Remix)
States Of Emotion

If certain quarters of the music industry are to be believed, then guitar music is on the way back.

Leaving aside the fact that - from our view, at least - it's never actually gone out of fashion, this is certainly a statement worth paying attention to. Guitar music as a commercial force has been on the wane, with new releases failing to match the chart positions they might have reached in 2006.

But the signs of a resurgence within the mainstream are there. New groups are gaining footholds on day time radio, with more and more columns inches being handed over bands who even 18 months ago would have struggled to gain any press whatsoever.

Even Rinse are getting excited. The label is a powerhouse for fans of bass culture, and recently speared the side of the industry with a few genuine, bona fide hit singles of their own.

Now the imprint have signed States Of Emotion. The first rock act to join the Rinse stable, it marks an important moment for both band and label. Hooking up with one of Britain's finest independents, States Of Emotion have managed to get some serious muscle behind their music.

Recent single 'Seeking Oblivion' was a bold first move, with Rinse throwing some remixes in for good measure. Truth stepped up to the plate, and you can download his take on States Of Emotion below.


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