When You Were Young
Lizbet Sempa

Peer to peer sharing, that's the thing.

Especially when it comes from someone you respect. So when Ghostpoet had a word in our ear about Lizbet Sempa we couldn't help but track the rising artist down.

Debut single 'On These Hills' emerged earlier this year, and - whilst undoubtedly soulful - it didn't sit in any one box. Sure, there were hints of Nina Simone in her voice, a tautness of delivery which seemed to heighten the emotional impact, but her songwriting, her craft appeared to arrive fully formed, distinct.

Invited to appear at Ghostpoet's recent Hackney Empire show, Lizbet Sempa then threw herself into the recording process. Sitting down to shoot a rare live session, the young songwriter opted to perform something special.

Yep, she covered The Killers. Shorn of its bombast, glitter and arena-filling properties, 'When You Were Young' is imbued with a rare sense of drama, Sempa's effortless control allowing each chorus to pass like high tide upon a grassy shoreline.

Watch it below.

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