The Wash

Has it really been that long?

Sifting through Discogs in preparation for this piece, ClashMusic realised that Mumdance - real name Jack Adams - has been on a break for two years. It's a stunning fact, especially given the ferocious manner in which the producer dominated the release schedules during the early aspect of his career.

Dis-illusioned by the increasingly fragmented nature of electronic music, Mumdance decided to retreat from the fray. "After my last bout of writing and touring I felt a bit burnt out creatively. At the time I wasn't inspired or identifying with any of the new music scenes that were emerging around me" he mused recently.

Returning to his home studio, the beatsmith begin looking inwardly, trying out experiments without the hindrance of time, money or audience expectations. "I decided in order to do this I had to put myself out of my comfort zone and start completely from scratch" he continued. "So I went about changing every method that I had previously relied upon or got too comfortable in using. I started off by changing my scenery and moving out of the city. Then, one by one, I looked towards every single element of my music making; influence, sound palette, workflow, technique and thought process, and slowly worked out how I could reinvent & overhaul each one of those too."

The results are on new album 'Twists And Turns'. Fusing dancefloor excursions with introverted pieces, it's a diverse, varied and idiosyncratic return. Available as a free download from June 4th via the producer's official website, ClashMusic have managed to snare an exclusive preview.

'The Wash' is one of the album's more sedate pieces - snares ripple like running water, while the imposing bass frequencies suggest deep sea pressure. Cutting through this, though, are synths borrowed straight from the early 80s stadium rock manual - think Dire Straights with a cheeky wink.

Listen to it now.

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