New Brainfeeder Signing

It’s a common enough complaint. Despite releasing some of the most thrilling hip hop of the past decade, Brainfeeder’s association with glitchy, left field production often lends itself to the portrait of a label bound by mathematical abstraction; locked into logic, although ever so slightly divorced from the heart.

Ryat should change all that. Raised in Philadelphia, coming of age in Los Angeles these are Future scenes for a shattered urban landscape. Debut album ‘Totem’ sits within Brainfeeder’s expansive, open ended remit – the production nods towards the decentralised slump of Dilla, never once falling into a boom-bap template.

Alongside this, though, are Classical touches. In scope, texture and one Ryat seems to envisage her music as being larger, grander that any machine can provide. All drama and poise, darkness and decadence Ryat’s voice holds the ambition together; a lone human cry amid the smouldering shards of electronics.

Lead cut ‘Raiz’ has raised anticipation. Handed to Mary Anne Hobbs, the broadcaster has played the track incessantly with sheer weight of emotion lumbering through radio sets and laptops across the country and beyond.

ClashMusic are pleased as punch to be able to offer you this mp3 as our latest Track of the Day. It’s pretty special, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

'Totem' is set to be released on June 4th.

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