Somehow the shimmering heat of summer seems to dissipate with age.

The sun is never as pure, as white as it was when you were young, when the possibilities of summer seemed to stretch endlessly beyond the horizon.

There's a vein of American indie pop which thrives on this blissful nostalgia. Think Wild Nothing's debut album, or even Beach Fossils at their most potent - it's a recurring longing for lost youth.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Cre*scen*do have nailed this aesthetic. Debut single 'Gatsby' is perfect pop, an immaculate three minute document which fuses shimmering guitar lines just the slightest use of synths.

It's more than mere sound, though. There's an atmosphere, an intangible quality to Cre*scen*do's music born from long childhood nights spent under the gossamer Californian sky.

Check it out now.


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