Tangled in knots, that's Looks.

The London three piece seem to specialise in gloriously vivid synth pop which sprints-a-yard... and then stops.Changing direction at the drop of a hat, turning on their heels and taking off with their breakneck velocity.

Reminiscent at times of much mourned Nottingham types Late Of The Pier, Looks are furiously inventive yet seem careful to retain the essence of the song, of the melody underneath.

Playing their debut show back in March, the band's astonishing rise is only set to continue. Debut single 'Everest' drops on June 23rd via Killing Moon Records, and it's a spectacular introduction to their world.

Epic in size and scale, it's huge ambition is married to production which seems to surprise with each passing second. Directed by Wes C., the video for 'Everest' is deceptively simple - performing clad in white, against a white background, the visuals seem to rise in intensity against the path of the song.

Check it out now.

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