Terracotta Warrior (Andy Votel remix)
Jimi Goodwin

Doves were always that bit more mature, that bit more thoughtful than many of their contemporaries.

Of course, the band had a history. Gaining a hit single as Sub Sub, the group had already been through the mill, been pushed through the industry's machinations before they even adopted their name.

Currently taking a break, singer Jimi Goodwin has broken cover with new solo album 'Odludek'. A thoughtful, at times introspective record, the album is built around Goodwin's warm, soothing voice and his remarkably honest songwriting.

Out this week on Heavenly Records, 'Odludek' opens with 'Terracotta Warrior'. Entrancing with this introductory statement, DJ and legendary crate digger Andy Votel decided to craft a remix.

Extending the track out into exploratory realms, 'Terracotta Warrior' is re-cast as a demented psych masterpiece with Votel underpinning the track with motorik rhythms which seem to spiral off into infinity.

A superb, inspiring re-work, you can check it out first on Clash.


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