Tell Me, Tell Me
Paul Orwell

Will we ever escape the 60s?

The era forever seems to be on the cusp of pop culture, a reference used by those who were born decades after the Swingin' 60s finally drew to a close.

Yet when it's done well, those reference points can still seem fresh, addictive. By his own admission, Paul Orwell doesn't listen to much past 1972, but simply allows him to refine his songwriting in a distinct way.

Tracks such as 'Little Reason' and live favourite 'Like I Did Before' betrays the influence of 'Nuggets' era garage rock, with more than a few nods towards British pioneers such as The Kinks or The Pretty Things.

An incendiary live experience, Orwell is all daring bravado, winkle-pickers and hair that seems to stream over the microphone, lashing beads of sweat over the front row.

Debut single 'Tell Me, Tell Me' has already sold out, despite being weeks away from its release on Heavy Soul. Opening with chiming Byrds style guitars and a Vox organ wash, the vocals are part sneering garage punk and part wistful English dream a la Syd Barrett.

A fantastic piece of psych-pop with a real point to prove, Paul Orwell may have a record collection dominated by the past but he's looking defiantly to the future.

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