The Stream
Crooked Hands

University isn't always the answer.

Given the enormous cost of being a student, the intense competition for jobs and the often mundane nature of student life, it's hard to find blame in those who by-pass the university experience.

Christopher Brown went to university, and swiftly found that it simply wasn't for him. Dropping out in 2011, the aspiring songwriter decided to devote himself to music, quickly earning a reputation as a solo musician.

Based in Newcastle, the songwriter began to encounter like minded. Collaborations led to expansion, with the final, definitive, five piece version of Crooked Hands emerging last year.

Crafting powering, probing songwriting, the band favour wide open sounds, with the emphasis being placed on big arrangements. That's not to suggest that the group are lavish - rather, Crooked Hands manage to make a little go a long way, pushing their limited resources as far as they can go.

New single 'The Stream' is a case in point. Set to be released on July 1st, the broad sweep of the band's songwriting is a thing to marvel at, the ambition on show being natural, unbridled.

Listen to it now.


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