It's dance pop, but not as you know it.

M+A - Italian duo Michele Ducci and Alessandro Degli - make shrewd, cerebral pop music. Pop music with hooks that dig in, that cling onto your memory; pop music which seems to creep up on your when you least expect it, whispering seductively into your ear at odd hours of the day and night.

Second album 'These Days' was released through Monotreme last year, and it finds the duo taking confident strides forward.

The band's second album, it comes equipped with some exquisite production married to songcraft which ripples with real intent.

A handful of UK shows have been confirmed, with upcoming single 'When' due to arrive on August 4th. All glitchy synths and vocals which reek of forbidden desire, it comes equipped with some enticing visuals which you can check out below.

M+A have confirmed the following shows:

23 Oxford The Cellar
25 London The Monarch
29 Glastonbury Festival | West-Holts Main Stage

1 Derbyshire Y-NOT Festival
29-31 August Brownstock Festival

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