Sometimes the city just gets too much.

Mile upon mile of concrete and glass, withholding the natural rhythms of the seasons - the pressure rising day upon day.

SixToes seem to know this feeling. For second album 'The Morning After', the band abandoned the city for rural Norfolk, crafting something rather more pastoral, ornate in the process.

The band's Ben Rogers discusses the making of the LP. "It’s the processing, lamentation, reconciling and celebration of many years of disparate relationships and experiences, living in London.

The boy on the record’s cover with the white rabbit represents to me the edge of adolescence and the tipping point."

Out on July 7th, it's a fascinating collection. Baroque pop, it matches beautiful instrumentation with subtle arrangements which seem to compliment the songwriting without overpowering it.

Clash is able to premiere the video for new cut 'Hawthorns'. Deeply English, it verges on the traditional whilst remaining deeply modern.

Check it out now.

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