The question has often been asked: can electronic music have soul?

After all, machines don't cry, don't fall in love, don't experience things on the level that humans do. Yet listening to Anushka, it's obvious from the outset that this is both strictly electronic and hugely soulful.

Forming in Brighton, the project is a partnership between Max Wheeler and Victoria Port. Matching male/female, production/vocals, digital/soul, it's a partnership which seems to fizz and crackle with a rare dynamic.

There are echoes in UK garage here, yet expressed with an ability to challenge boundaries, to accept new sounds. The skipping, dancefloor rhythms are matched to shards of noise, with Max Wheeler adding a left field edge to the production.

Victoria Port's vocals could well be viewed as the sugar on top, but - amidst the sweet melodies - there are elements of heartbreak, of longing and unfulfilled desire.

Signed to Brownswood, new album 'Broken Circuit' will be released on June 30th.

Check out sample cut 'Mansions' below.

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