Lee Ann's Skin
Naked (On Drugs)

At the time, no one ever used the term 'post-punk'.

An era dominated by chance, by the state of flux, the fact that 'post-punk' has been allowed to settle into a single, distinctive style is truly a crying shame.

Thankfully, a few lone soldier grasp the true ethos of the era. Manchester two piece Naked (On Drugs) sluice together punk, funk, disco and avant classical into one heady brew which defied categorisation.

No doubt labelled post-punk by some, their output to date recalls idiosyncratic wanderers such as Arthur Russell in its ability to smash past boundaries.

New single 'Lee Ann's Skin' is a nightmarish fusion of surfer pop, helter skelter punk and wailing violins. As dark as Nick Cave's under-crackers, it's due out on December 2nd via SWAY Records.

Before then, though, you can check out the new Naked (On Drugs) video on Clash. A homage of sorts to Andy Warhol, it contains numerous affectionate, tongue in cheek references to his work.

Check it out below.

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