Endless Wave (Citizens Remix)

Drone on.

If there’s one musical element which has yet to claim a foothold in the charts it’s the humble drone. One of the oldest artistic concepts on record, the drone has strangely managed to avoid an appearance on Top Of The Pops.

Yet Paradise could change that. A London duo, their take on the distorted, tatters remains of 80s synth pop contains a healthy dose of wide eyed dreaming. Fusing electronics with space rock, their material experiments – yep, you guessed it – with delicious drone.

Take a listen to their debut single and you’ll see what we mean. ‘Endless Wave’ / ‘Blue Flower’ are two delicately constructed pieces of melody, with fragile vocals sitting above a warm bed of synthesised sound.

Out on November 26th, the release comes equipped with a new remix from Citizens!. Stripping the track down to its bare skeleton, the band seems to find an electro-house cut in waiting.

 There’s an addictive bass line, with a Morse code synth line cutting through the repeated vocal samples. It’s enough to blow away those Autumnal cobwebs, with Citizens! dragging you out of the bedroom and onto the dancefloor.

No drone, sadly, but then you can’t have everything.

- - -

‘Endless Wave’ / ‘Blue Flower’ is out on November 26th through The Blue Rider. If you're in London, Paradise are set to play their first live show on November 27th at the Victoria in Dalston.


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