'Pretty In The Morning'

Clash is in Brighton this weekend, soaking up new music at The Great Escape.

So it's only right that we end the week by celebrating one of the best new bands in the south coast city.

Safe To Swim are a crunching four-piece capable of wonderfully personal songwriting, with their blazing live show already attracting plaudits.

New single 'Pretty In The Morning' is a neat entrance point, with the biting chorus set against some rather poignant moments.

Singer Jim Filippides says: “The morning is always a strange time for me. For some reason I've always felt a bit down whenever I wake up and usually spend that part of the day reflecting on events that happened the night before or just generally in the past. I wrote this song one morning last summer when I was feeling vulnerable, ashamed and fed up with the way my life was going.”

Check out the video below.

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