Love Me More
Beautiful Boy

Small town life can be the biggest inspiration.

After all, it’s a myth to assume that all great bands come from cities like Manchester or London. They don’t – they just move there when they become famous.

Beautiful Boy hail from a small town. Yet perhaps this has aided them, with the lack of any attendant scene removing any pressure to follow the latest fad or trend.

Rather, the band aim for something timeless. Quick off the mark, debut single ‘Home’ b/w ‘Love Me More’ showcases both sides of Beautiful Boy’s persona.

There’s the reflective, mature balladry of ‘Home’ and it’s earnest, plaintive delivery. Then there is the shout rama-lama crunch/crash of ‘Love Me More’.

Sheer garage rock heaven with a snotty vibe, it recalls The Vaccines at their most petulant or even long lost Medway heroes The Prisoners.

Check out the video for ‘Love Me More’ below.

‘Home’ b/w ‘Love Me More’ is due to be released on May 19th.

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