Clash loves nothing better than a decent about-turn.

None of this linear-career-path caper for us, what we like are oddball side projects, bizarre remixes and unexpected returns (hopefully under a pseudonym).

So LUNGS - spelled entirely in capital letters - are a rare treat. A new vehicle from one time Guillemots guitarist MC Lord Magrão and vocalist Suzie Blake, they are remarkable in the way in which they sound nothing at all like Guillemots.

Which, of course, isn't a slur on Fyfe Dangerfield in any way. Out go orchestral flourishes and folk touches, and in comes rippling, glistening guitar lines and heavenly vocals.

It's dream pop, but not as you know it. Powerful, propulsive songwriting, debut single 'Faraway' isn't some hazy, shoegaze style jam, but instead there's a subtle directness working underneath their cavernous reverb.

Out on July 29th, the single will be given a limited edition (only 250 copies!) vinyl release. Naturally, you can try before you buy - exclusively on Clash.

Listen to it now...


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