Chemicals For Breakfast

The North of England has always been adept at honing in on the dark side of psychedelia.

The comedown after the trip, the morning after the dream, groups such as The Chameleons, says, or even Clinic hone in on the claustrophobic, paranoid side of the lysergic ideal.

Psyence sit in this lineage. Sure, the band want to break on through to the other side, but this isn't some flower power ideology: rather, this is cheap drugs in a run down bedsit, furious escapism from concrete surroundings.

Live, the band are all soaring riffs and sweeping vocals, reminiscent of Hawkwind's more groove laden passages or even Can's more outwardly psychedelic moments.

New single 'Chemicals For Breakfast' is a superb stopping off point. Due for release on April 28th, it's an intense listen, one that focusses the concert flamboyance of Psyence into some serious elixir for the third eye.

Check it out now.

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