Come A Little Closer

Why should you bother checking out Bristol’s tropical guitar troupe Coasts when they hit the road later this month? “We have a palm tree onstage. I think that’s enough for anyone”, they say in our interview below, but they’ll also be taking their marriage of big indie pop hooks and ineluctably smooth vocals on tour too.

Debut single ‘Oceans’ – a potent mix of sunshine-infused riffs and afrobeat percussion – has gained over 300,000 youtube plays and spawned a European tour. Follow-up ‘Wallow’ expanded the sound with a tropical storm of crashing guitars and thundering drums. New single ‘Stay’ looks set to be a winner too: soaring melodies and an anthemic chorus aiming for the arenas. Clash is exclusively premièring 'Come A Little Closer' (the B-Side to ‘Stay’) as today’s Track Of The Day and also caught up with the band for a quick interview about ‘Stay’ too…

Talk us through the creation of the new video and the plot…

We worked with our friend Duncan Roe again who has done the videos for Oceans and Wallow. We were friends with him at university and he’s a really good up and coming director. He came up with the idea of two girls who are friends and are both moving away. They are having some weird feelings for each other and think that they might be in love with each other and the video is about the strain it’s putting on their friendship. .

Where did you write ‘Stay’? What inspires it lyrically and musically?

‘Stay’ was the first song we ever wrote as Coasts and it was in this church that we used to practice in. It’s inspired by summer romances and how quickly they end.

Give us a brief history of the band. How did you get together and what music did you bond over?

We all met at university in Bath before moving to Bristol and starting Coasts. A few of us did the same course and we found we had pretty similar interests. We lived together for a while and thought that it’d be fun to start a band. We actually all liked a pretty broad range of music but I think that helped in bringing a slightly different edge to our music. .

How does it feel to have debut single ‘Oceans’ gaining over 300,000 youtube views? What was it like when that song exploded? Did you expect anything like that to happen?

It feels pretty surreal really, we never expected it to get picked up so quickly and it’s weird when you go and play shows in Europe and people are actually singing the words back at you. We nearly didn’t record it when we did because it wasn’t one of the songs we had planned for the session but we came with it to our producer at the last minute and decided we had to do it.

Why should people check you out on tour? What makes you so special?

We have a palm tree on stage. I think that’s enough for anyone.

How have plans for an album been coming together?

Pretty good, we’ve been writing for it the last few months and are doing pre-production for it in December before starting recording at the turn of the year. I think we’re going to be in the studio on New Years Eve so that should be a laugh. We never thought we’d get to do an album so it’s going to be special.

What’s the best memory you guys have since forming Coasts?

We’ve had a lot of good memories, but I think going in to Europe for the first time and the shows being busy and people getting in to it has been really awesome for us. Last weekend we played at Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg and our show sold out so that was pretty ace.

What’s your manifesto?

We want to make music that makes people happy and want to dance or that makes them sad. There’s no point doing anything in between.

What does the future hold?

We’re going out on a big tour in October before starting the album in December. That should be pretty sweet. We’re also hoping to get out to America early in 2014, which will be real fun.

Words: Simon Butcher

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'Stay' is out now.

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