Predictable (Ossie Black Widow Mix)

Black Orange Juice may well be a new name, but the trio are most certainly not newcomers.

Three artists with years of experience between them, Black Orange Juice include vocalists Paul Black and Tilz alongside Hyperdub x 20/20 Vision regular Ossie.

Hooking up with Ben Pearce, the results are a four way electronic explosion which takes the standard house template and stretches it until it breaks.

'Predictable' is anything but, with the beat quartet allowing their influences, their backgrounds to shine through. There are those soulful vocals for a start, matched against angelic strings and sheer New Jersey style percussion.

Yet the bass sounds, those concrete textures could only come from London. It's an amalgamation of sounds, of intentions which comes together to craft some truly special.

Out on Easter Monday (April 21st, just in time to work off those cream eggs) the package comes equipped with a remix from Ossie. Stepping into the spotlight, the producer is able to push 'Predictable' into a straight ahead funky house direction - albeit more inclined to follow UK funky that its American cousin.

Check it out below.


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