Forty Eight Hours (Rebotini Classic Dub)
Yan Wagner

It's probably a cliché to suggest that the French do most things with a superior sense of style, grace and sophistication.

But then, most clichés have some grounding in reality. Long an unknown presence on the pop sphere, the past 20 years has witnessed a Gallic revolution with France now boasting an underground that can rival anywhere on the planet.

Snappily titled tour package Oui Love aims to change that. Piecing together three breaking names from the French music scene, promoters are hoping to inject a sense of chic into the encroaching British wintertime. Matching Jupiter, Juvenile and Yan Wagner against one another, Oui Love traipses across three British cities, with Brighton, London and Manchester about to open themselves up to a cross section of French breaking music.

As a special preview, ClashMusic have been handed a piece of music from Yan Wagner. A self taught musician who had an epiphany after checking out a Chemical Brothers show, this is superior synth-pop with a real rock muscle. Collaborating with Arnaud Rebotini on his first LP, the producer was able to introduce Yan Wagner to new approaches in sound.

The results are gathered on 'Forty Eight Hours', a record which has already gained cult appreciation in his native France. By way of an introduction, ClashMusic are pleased to present a new remix. Arnaud Rebotini has stepped in to re-work the title cut of the recent album, adding a dubbed out, electronic sensibility which verges on those epochal Belleville 3 cuts.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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Oui Love dates:

20 Brighton Blind, Tiger Club
21 London Shacklewell Arms
22 Manchester Soup Kitchen


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