Young Free
Lover Lover

Funny that pop's innate Futurism, it's denial of the past has come unstuck.

These days, it seems that best talents in the pop world, the ones who stand out are looking backwards. But there's merely aping your influences - buying the clothes, copying the riffs - and capturing that sense of dislocation, the remote nature of the past itself.

Eleanor Bodenham seems to grasp this. The songwriter kicked off her Lover Lover project during a stay in Montmartre, which perhaps explains the light, breezy feel of the music.

Yet there's a nagging melancholy, a sense of loss running through the best of her material. Picking artists such as Fleetwood Mac and the Eurythmics as reference points, Bodenham has built a mosaic which is equal parts inspired by the power of youth and lamenting its passing.

"It's like when you learn to drive for the first time" the songwriter says, "and take an old car out on your own. You've got nowhere to go and nowhere to be. But it's a hot night and the sun is going down and all the windows are open and you're listening to something that makes your eyes melt."

Debut album 'There Is A Place' is set to be released on November 18th, but ahead of this Clash is able to stream new cut 'Young Free'. Sweet, blissful pop music with just a tinge of heartbreak, you can tune in below.

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