Toiletries For Bottoms
In Flagranti

Electronic music is often caricatured as cerebral, robotic and too damn smart for its own good.

Yet alongside the arch compositions of IDM, club culture has developed into a frisky, knowing beast, unafraid to laugh at itself. For over a decade now, Swiss duo In Flagranti have been simultaneously mocking and rocking dancefloors, with their disco influenced productions speaking of the dark, debauched pleasures of the night.

Erol Alkan has long been an outspoken admirer of their work, and recently signed In Flagranti to his Phantasy label. "I've been a fan of In Flagranti for over a decade, their productions continue to surprise and inspire me" the English DJ commented. "Both Alex and Sasa have inspired all of us at Phantasy in many ways".

New EP 'Headrush' is out now, four tracks of ridiculously fun and frisky electronic music. Seriously, how can you fail to love a track named 'Dope As Shit'?

The latest Track of the Day is something quite special. 'Toiletries For Bottoms' is a late night delight, disco with a touch of velvet around it, with In Flagranti adding a heavy edge to their buoyant percussive bounce.

Listen to it now.

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