Under An East Coast Moon
William Adamson

One of our favourite labels, Brownswood seems to thrive as a collective, as a family unit.

Helmed by Gilles Peterson, it's less of a business and more of a motley crew of crate-diggers, vagabonds, DJs and rapscallions. Rob Gallagher has been there from the beginning.

Formerly a lynchpin with Galliano, the songwriter has continued his merry way ever since and recently launched a new project via Brownswood. William Adamson - a plain, yet poetic alter ego - is the name given to Gallagher's latest creation.

Debut offering 'Under An East Coast Moon' (out now) is highly conceptualized, with each tale emanating from an area in the Eastern Horn of England. The title cut is all Louisana swamp rhythms, a dark, dank insight into Gallagher's alter ego.

Rugged, earthy and with no little hint of sweat, 'Under An East Coast Moon' has a strangely transplanted feel - as if William Adamson has swapped the Mississippi Delta for the Medway.

Listen to it below.


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