Dance Monkeys
Lost Midas

Sometimes you can only know a place, truly appreciate it by leaving.

Jason Trikakis was born and brought up in Boston, swiftly becoming a hip hop drummer in his teens. Dreaming of joining the fast lane of rap culture, the aspiring musician moved out to the maelstrom that is Los Angeles.

The producer soon found himself overwhelmed with creative energy, able to appreciate the haunts which inspired him to first make music.

Operating under the Lost Midas moniker, the producer fuses the ultra-reality of 80s synth pop with left field hip hop. The slumped beats of Dilla or the cushioned textured of Madlib abound, all shot through with the adventure of groups such as The Mahavishnu Orchestra.

Low End Theory resident Daddy Kev stepped in to mix the producer's latest EP, with 'Hyper Phase' set to be released via Tru Thoughts on November 18th. Ahead of this, Clash is able to premiere new cut 'Dance Monkeys'.

Featuring an appearance from NüTrik, this is fluorescent, fragrant electronic music.

Listen to it now.

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