Fire Souls
Klak Tik

The template for an acoustic clad songwriter is so well worn that it has almost become a straight jacket.

Thankfully, some brave souls are still able to wring a few idiosyncratic moments. Hailing from Copenhagen, Søren Bonke recently teamed up with a few friends in London to form the oddly named collective Klak Tik.

Pulling apart the art of acoustic songcraft, Klak Tik are able to introduce elements of choice. Looking at established formats and asking 'why?' each song seems to veer off in odd directions, disrupting the flow and allowing the band to really uncover their own identity.

Recorded in rural Wales, new album 'The Servants' is an oddly beguiling document. Tearing apart pianos to get at the strings underneath, Klak Tik seem to approach each song differently shoving diversions where no diversions exist.

References - if you need them - would include the more out there diversions from Grizzly Bear, Sufjan Stevens more exploratory moments or even the rough hewn confessional nature of Bon Iver's early songwriting.

Set to drop this Spring, ClashMusic has been granted a quick preview ahead of the release of 'The Servants'. Taken from the album, 'Fire Souls' is full of sharp about turns, unexpected diversions and odd couplets which cling in the memory long after the final chords have ceased.

Listen to it now...

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'The Servants' will be released via Safety First Records this Spring.


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