Second Renaissance

Prog gets a bad rep.

It's fully justified of course - after all, there's only so many Rick Wakeman side projects a sane music fan can wade through. However in amongst the chaff, there are some moments of genuinely endearing insanity.

We mention this, of course, because there's a heavy prog vein running through Portasound. The London collective eschew vocals, instead letting their berserk, time signature chopping music speak for itself.

Hooking up with Blood & Biscuits - the label behind releases from Three Trapped Tigers, amongst others - the band have completed work on their new EP. 'Second Renaissance' drops on May 14th, and seemingly follows Portasound's specially designed narrative.

Deeply conceptual, 'Second Renaissance' borrows liberally from folk culture, classic literature and more. Of course, with no lyrics it's impossible to discern exactly what's going on but the press release promises "the story of a great cataclysm, the ensuing battle between light and dark forces, the creation of a rebellion and the birth of the hero."

As a taster, ClashMusic has grabbed 'Messerschmitt'. Named in tribute to the famous German fighter plane, Portasound seem to embody - in a musical sense, at least - the terrifying speed and breathtaking aeronautics of the vehicle's journey.

Swooping down low over crowded cities, roaring up between the clouds Portasound wring out the sheer drama of life in the German plane.

The synths melt together, fusing in bizarre, wonky shapes as the drums chug along, simultaneously out of control yet with an eerie sense of precision.

It's sheer prog, of course, but we love them for it.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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