Keep You

It's easy to understand why artists mis-trust revealing aspects of their personal life, unveiling elements of their past.

After all, the music does most of the talking. Listening to GAPS - their curling, curving guitar lines and mist shrouded vocals - it becomes almost pointless to delve further than the music.

Almost. Based in Brighton, GAPS are Rachel and Ed. Rachel sings, and then Ed expands on this, adding delicate, fractured arrangements to vocals which are all undisciplined feeling.

Debut single 'Keep You' is set to be released on July 15th, with Sexbeat providing the band with safe harbour. It's an imposing introduction - the folk style guitar picking fused with ethereal vocals is reminiscent of Anne Briggs or even Vashti Bunyan.

However the tape fuzz, the poignant production and hints of electronica all point for something extremely modern. In a way, it's reminiscent of Broadcast and the way that group continually fused the bedrock of the traditional with the rippling currents of the modern.

Listen to it now.

'Keep You' / 'Cascade' is set to be released July 15th via Sexbeat.

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