White Lies
Ruen Brothers

Two people.

Guitar and drums. Strings and sticks. Busting and shouting. Screaming and hollering. It's a mixture which is as old as the blues itself, but it retains it's power because - put simply - it works.

The electricity, the telepathy between two people is difficult to avoid, with bands like Ruen Brothers able to take quicksilver turns, complete hair-spin twists.

Hailing from the rough 'n' tumble Scunthorpe area, brothers Rupert and Henry Stansall fell in love with the sounds of the Delta. Yet theirs is a curiously English view of the blues, with Route 66 being swapped for all manner of A-roads across Lancashire.

New single 'Blood Runs Wild' is a squalid piece of rough hewn, untamed songwriting. On the flip, Ruen Brothers take things down low and sleazy, with 'White Lies' recalling the peacock strut of Arctic Monkeys at their finest.

Except, y'know, with a bass player.

Listen to it below.

'Blood Runs Wild' b/w 'White Lies' is out on Monday (November 18th).

Photo Credit: Andrew Whitton

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