Track Of The Day 14/11 - Monokle

Glow (Milinal remix)

Russia’s splintered identity has not better expression that the city of St. Petersburg.

In the 20th century the city was re-named on three separate occasions, as the nation struggled with its own political ideology. Now stuttering towards a Western influenced democracy, the city retains its place as a juncture, a point where European influence meets the tide of Asian culture.

It’s a suitable place to find Monokle. A young electronic producer, the idiosyncratic talent is now onto his fifth album of fractured, exploratory music. At heart, this is dance music. The cold, metallic sheen of techno – both Detroit and Cologne – is here, alongside a clear awareness of the IDM explosion and more recent artists such as Four Tet.

What forces its way through most of all, though, is Monokle’s sense of self. Crystalline, forever-dividing each track on new album ‘Saints’ is a layered work, continually shifting in the light to reveal new shapes, shades.

Our latest Track of the Day is a remix. ‘Glow’ features in its original form on ‘Saints’ but we’ve gone for the Milinal remix – opening with warm, open chords the music gives way to claustrophobic synths and dense, near jazz-inflected drumming.

The vocal samples spill over one another - different pitches, different accents – with the pressurised environment recalling the sprawling mass of St. Petersburg itself. Partly classical, partly Communist and partly modern it’s a city to get lost in.

And so is this track.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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