Ghost Beach

Somewhere along the line the notion of 'pop' has become blurred.

Once, it was a clear case of us vs them, underground vs mainstream. Now some of the most vital underground talents, the people who really push the envelope, are dealing very explicitly in pop culture.

Ghost Beach sound like a time slip, like a vortex through to a period in the late 80s. Resplendent in synth technology, the group have the intelligent edge of Tears For Fears or Talking Heads, but have an addictive pop pulse running through their veins.

A duo focussing on Josh Ocean and Eric 'Doc' Mendelsohn, their outlook on life and music is explicitly focussed on fun. "We like writing pop music. We draw a lot from late-Eighties music, including Tears For Fears, Peter Gabriel, Police, Paul Simon and Talking Heads" Ocean explains. "So much of their music incorporated synthesizers, had tons of energy; it had a very eclectic sound to begin with and that, from a songwriting standpoint, is where we draw our inspiration".

Hailed as being part of Brooklyn's Neon Gold scene, Ghost Beach have a soft, lingering melancholy, a glamorous sense of sadness which ripples against their stylish hull. Signed to Nettwerk, the pair are planning to deliver their debut full length in the opening weeks of 2014.

New single 'Miracle' is all golden tones, fragrant synths and plastic production. That nagging, insistent beat pulverises your barriers, with the video inspiring nothing less than simple, ecstatic joy.

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