Tehe! Blah blah! Shhhh!
Bedroom Club II

It’s a fallacy that electronic music only makes sense in a club environment.

From the beginning, producers have been obsessed with sound, of working within different environments to focus their thoughts and refine their techniques.

No Pain In Pop have caught our attention, maintaining a fantastic track record for unearthing new producers. The likes of Forest Swords and Grimes have already won widespread acclaim, pushing aside barriers to locate new areas for headspace, new lands for soft introspection.

Now the label is gearing up for the release of a new compilation which will introduce a fresh range of producers. Spanning scenes, nations, continents the artists on ‘The Bedroom Club II’ are bound by a need to shy away from outward expansion, to explore inner space as an area in its own right.

A New York born / London raised producer, Karen Gwyer certainly fits the bill. Dubbed (in tongue in cheek fashion) ‘bath house’ her sound - all soft tones and gentle productions - are reminiscent of the hazy, gauzy effects which run through Impressionist painting.

Borrowing the euphoric feel of house but without the tempos, ‘Tehe! Blah blah! Shhhh!’ is a wonderfully bizarre, typically off beat production. Listen to it now.

- - -

‘The Bedroom Club II’ is set to be released on January 28th.


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