'Warm On A Cold Night' (Fallen Remix)

In one fell swoop Honne have established themselves as a potent, provocative new voice.

Debut cut 'Warm On A Cold Night' sets the pace from the off. Amidst ambient tones, an American late night radio host introduces the track: "Ok, it's 3.17 AM. You're tuned in with your main man, Tommy Inglethorpe. This next song's gonna keep you warm on a cold, cold night. So if you don't got a lover, just close your eyes. And listen, to Honne."

What then emerges is thick, syrupy, gorgeous production, with the duo fusing a Futurist mindset with that endlessly inspiring element known as soul.

Out on September 1st, 'Warm On A Cold Night' is a languid piece of music, placing emphasis on texture and feeling as it strolls along in a somnambulist funk.

Fallen has stepped in to remix the track, cutting out the introduction and focussing on its Midnight, velvet feel.

Check it out now.

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