Dig Me Out
A Grave With No Name

A Grave With No Name is sometimes one, sometimes many.

Essentially the brainchild of Alex Shields, the project recently emerged from the shadows. Inaugurating new recording sessions, Sheilds locked himself in the studio with Charlie Alex March before deciding to halt proceedings.

Ever the perfectionist, the songwriter then hooked up with long time collaborator Anupa Madawela. Songs came tumbling thick and fast, with Alanna McArdle (Ides) and Akiko Matsuura (Comanechi) stepping in on vocals and drums, respectively.

New album 'Whirlpool' is set to be released next month, with Stare Records stepping in to support the project. From what Clash have heard thus far, it promises to be something quite special.

Which is why we're glad to offer up a new track from A Grave With No Name. 'Dig Me Out' opens with rumbling, nasty bass notes, the drums direct, sharp, distinct.

Alex Shields hides his vocals beneath a fog of reverb, but this isn't some chill out, dream pop experiment - there's a sense of incoherence, of being buried beneath the weight of the world.

Taut and claustrophobic, each note seems to be covered in dust and cobwebs, shrouded in monochrome, rendered grey.

Listen to it now.

'Whirpool' is set to be released on July 15th.

A Grave With No Name are set to play the Shacklewell Arms in London on June 28th alongside Echo Lake and Great Ytene.

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