Go Easy
We Cut Corners

Ireland's music scene often has a tough time during translation.

For some reason, each and every new acts from the Emerald Isle has to be compared to what has gone before. A new guitar band, for example, swiftly become a second U2 or a female songwriter is immediately compared to Sinead O'Connor.

So we'd love to see what critics come up with when presented with We Cut Corners. A two piece who write material with guitars and drums, the pair have that stamp of originality which is difficult to summate in words alone.

There's a post-punk edge, maybe even the widescreen flourishes of someone like Bloc Party. However what comes through most strongly of all is a new group attempting to find a sound which they can call their own.

Debut album 'Today I Realised I Could Go Home Backwards' is already a cult favourite in Ireland, with the LP now set to gain a full British release. It's about time, as well - there's only so long something as precious as this can remain a hidden commodity.

Digital single 'Go Easy' will be released on March 25th, and it's as effortless an introduction as you're going to find. Evolving within its own strict framework, the track is both easily digestible and difficult to define.

Listen to it now...


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