Fading Lights

Intricacy, that's the key.

As underground producers swing back towards fast tempos, the colossal, empty space of dubstep is being replaced with something rather more complex.

Operating at 160BPM and above, Synkro has developed a taste for breakneck turns, for information overload resulting in blissful introspection. The producer's third release on Apollo, upcoming EP 'Lost Here' is a dextrous display of experimental soul.

Containing four tracks, the material finds Synkro crossing swords with vocalist Robert Manos. However Clash has opted for an instrumental slice as our latest Track Of The Day.

'Fading Lights' sounds frozen in space, caught in time - the intense mass of the central piece allowing the skittering percussion to slowly rotate around it, to complete their orbit with ease and grace.

Yet alongside this, there's a fragile sense of introspection, with the polished, crystalline production imbued with this beautifully pained sense of drum 'n' bass art-step.

Listen to it below.

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