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Off Kilter favourites Discoverer are a New Age synth jammer on their second foray. Brandon Knock of Charlie Song, previously featured in the mag, tends to deal in the serious and the surreal, the great and the gaudy. Digitalis Industries is a nut-job lead record label working out of Tulsa.

Here's Brad Rose of digitalis on the record:

"Discoverer's second full-length, "Tunnels," could be considered a concept album at its core. What is immediately apparent about "Tunnels" is the attention to detail in the composition. Each note, each rhythmic element is carefully considered before being allowed to enter the mix. There's a sense of isolation that permeates the record, like some kind of human-android hybrid attempting to disassociate and find a real level of consciousness. It is music that is all about the journey. From the opening chords of "Circular Motherboard" through the laid back catharsis of "Personal Clone," Knocke is prepared to take listeners on a cinematic ride through white, sterile hallways and feminized technology."

Check out Discoverer on BandCamp HERE.

Words by Samuel Breen


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