'Crazy Love'

Tosca aren't like most groups.

Named in honour of a classical opera, the Austrian duo - Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber - have spent 20 years subverting expectations, gradually expanding beyond any boundary placed in their way.

New album 'Outta Here' is no exception. Due out early October on !K7 Records (pre-order here), it finds the pair swapping sonic collages and down-tempo jams for something rather more direct, upbeat.

"It's called 'Outta Here' for a reason," explains Rupert Huber. "The title stands for change, a change to the concept we've had so far. It refers to a change in energy and dynamic. We've been known for an almost ambient sound. The new songs are much more beat-oriented and direct. Basically, it's just a lot more energetic."

This energy extends to new cut 'Crazy Love'. Boasting an appearance from vocalists Earl Zinger and Cath Coffey, it's almost post-punk, post-modern in its approach to pop music.

The funky bass recalls Quincy Jones, while the tapestry of wonky synth-lines points towards their own catalogue. Smooth to the point of being surreal, 'Crazy Love' is perfectly imperfect pop music.

Check it out now.

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